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Proactive features and functions.

When it comes to risk, context matters - industry, location, size, and strategy.

The RAAD Platform integrates that context in your risk assessment, visualizations, and mitigation functions:


  • Internal risk issues and external risk events

  • Risk modeling on top of the detailed end-to-end Bill of Materials supply chain (down to Tier-n)

  • Customizable risk management methodology and algorithms - differentiated even to business units or product lines

  • What-if wargaming scenario assessment and planning

  • Evaluation of any kind of risk that affect your organization - both inside and outside of the supply chain

RAAD VCRM Flow with Background.jpg

Exploring RAAD.

RAAD does it all.

Using RAAD.

RAAD can be used in a wide range of organizational types and scenarios:

  • Organization types

    • Commercial - manufacturing, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, etc.

    • Governmental - agencies, military, institutes

    • Service - academia, consulting, healthcare

  • Organization sizes - from small to Fortune 100

  • Organization locations - anywhere in the world with network access

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