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The RAAD Team.

The RAAD Team is a balanced blend of professionals with decades of business and technology experience in dealing with global organizational functions and issues, and talented, hard-working young developers that build innovative, high-performance applications.

  • SAP/ERP architects and developers

  • Industry leaders in value chain growth and supply chain operations

  • Risk management experts

  • Web and mobile development experts

  • Security/Cloud infrastructure experts

Meet the Leadership.

RAAD MRL Headshot 2022 Informal-Small_edited.png

Michael Loveless

Co-founder & CEO

Several decades of SAP consulting experience in Supply Chain, Finance, and Business Intelligence; Co-founded RAAD360 with ex-SAP colleagues.

WTang picture 2 bw_edited.png

Dr. Weixin Tang

Co-founder & Security Architect

Several decades of SAP System Architecture, Cloud Integration, and Implementation Management experience.

RHe picture_edited.png

Rivers He

Co-founder & CTO

Over three decades of professional experience in Engineering and Information Technologies, including 25 years in SAP technology consulting in infrastructure, cloud computing, integration and security.


Vamsi Godavarthi

Vice President, Analytics

Several decades of SAP and Analytics development experience, and Big Data solutions and ERP integration.

DHotz picture_edited.png

Dieter Hotz

Chief Operating Officer

Over three decades of SAP consulting and development experience (SAP AG, SAP SE, SAP America); founded several consulting and cloud technology companies.

GLoveless picture_edited.png

George Loveless

Vice President/General Counsel

Over three decades as Partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Business and Finance Practice).


Des Mercer

Chief Product Officer

Technology executive with over three decades of proven strategic leadership capabilities and the ability to translate business vision into products that meet customer needs.


Building Intelligent Resilience.

Protecting Value:

To rise above risk, organizations must manage threats across the entire end-to-end supply chain, and the value chain activities and events that affect delivered customer value.

Creating Transparency:
RAAD is cloud SaaS technology that provides end-to-end visualizations of your supply chain and value chain networks with data extracted from your various enterprise systems at the bill of materials level, and with overlaid risk scoring valuations.

Taking Action:

RAAD offers detailed network flow and map visualizations, customized risk assessment methodology tailored to fit your organization's needs, risk event scenario simulation, risk prioritization, and risk mitigation planning.

For a live demo, get in touch today!

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