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The RAAD Team.

The RAAD Team is a balanced blend of professionals with decades of business and technology experience in dealing with global supply chain functions and issues, and talented, hard-working young developers that build innovative, high-performance applications.

  • SAP/ERP architects and developers

  • Industry leaders in supply chain operations

  • Risk management experts

  • Web and mobile development experts

  • Security/Cloud infrastructure experts

Meet the Leadership.

MLoveless picture_edited.png

Michael Loveless

Co-founder & CEO

Several decades of SAP consulting experience in Supply Chain, Finance, and Business Intelligence; Co-founded RAAD360 with ex-SAP colleagues.

WTang picture 2 bw_edited.png

Dr. Weixin Tang

Co-founder & Security Architect

Several decades of SAP System Architecture, Cloud Integration, and Implementation Management experience.

RHe picture_edited.png

Rivers He

Co-founder & CTO

Over three decades of professional experience in Engineering and Information Technologies, including 25 years in SAP technology consulting in infrastructure, cloud computing, integration and security.

VGodavarthi picture 2_edited.png

Vamsi Godavarthi

Vice President, Analytics

Several decades of SAP and Analytics development experience, and Big Data solutions and ERP integration.

DHotz picture_edited.png

Dieter Hotz

Chief Operating Officer

Over three decades of SAP consulting and development experience (SAP AG, SAP SE, SAP America); founded several consulting and cloud technology companies.

GLoveless picture_edited.png

George Loveless

Vice President/General Counsel

Over three decades as Partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Business and Finance Practice).


Building Intelligent Resilience.

Protecting Value:

To rise above risk, organizations must manage threats across the entire end-to-end supply chains, and the value chain activities and events that affect delivered customer value.

Creating Transparency:
RAAD is cloud SaaS technology that provides end-to-end visualizations of your supply chain network with data extracted from your various enterprise systems at the bill of materials level, and with overlaid risk scoring valuations.

Taking Action:

RAAD offers detailed supply chain network flow and map visualizations, custom-tailored risk assessment methodology, risk event scenario simulation, mitigation planning, and risk prioritization.

For a live demo, get in touch today!

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